About Me

I’m from Houston, TX and my home was one of Hurricane Harvey’s casualties. The day that we finally had walls up in our house again, Brett told me that he’d been offered a position in Aberdeen, Scotland. I started sobbing. It wasn’t the right time. How could we change our idea of what “home” was after ours was just taken from us? Fast forward a few months and many emotional rollercoasters and it looks like Brett, Brooks (6), Mia (2) and myself (Saundra) are headed to Aberdeen for the next few years!

I started this blog for several reasons. Most importantly, to stay connected to family and friends. I also want a chronicle of our time abroad to look back on. I had trouble finding information online that was relevant to my situation – moving from Texas to Scotland. I hope that this chronicling of our lives will help someone else facing the same decision we were.