October Holidays

Much loved by kids and much dreaded by adults – the two week October holidays. Two uninterrupted weeks free from school start times, homework, and general sanity.

Most of the holiday we stayed around Aberdeen – having play dates and frequenting indoor playscapes. On a rainy day we found ourselves at Wynford Farms – the same place that Mia has her music class. Every place around town jacks up their prices during the fall holidays to capitalize on desperate parents so I forked over $30 for the kids to run amuck inside the playscape and sat back with my latte to read my book. Things were going fine. The kids came back to the table every 20 minutes or so to take a drink and eat some snacks. I checked in with Mia MULTIPLE times about going to the toilet and she told me she was fine – MULTIPLE times. Next thing I know, a woman is holding Mia out in front of her at arm’s length and walking towards me from across the room. At closer look I see wet stains all the way down Mia’s gray leggings. Apparently Mia tried to go to the restroom on her own and got caught in the swinging door – resulting in wet trousers and a puddle on the floor.

Mom. of. the. year.

I had to leave Mia with her wet pants and go to search for Brooks. He threw a massive fit about having to leave earlier than expected and I had to drag both he and Mia out of the place while they both screamed about wanting a pumpkin to take home.

Such a great start to the break.

We did have many non-pee filled adventures around town though. 🙂


We did end up taking a long weekend trip to Edinburgh where we went to Deep Sea World – a partial underwater aquarium underneath the Forths Bridge. There were the typical aquarium attractions and then we reached the highlight – a moveable walkway that takes you through an underwater tunnel full of sharks and other sea creatures.

On previous trips to Edinburgh we’ve stayed in Old Town and New Town so we decided to branch out and stay in Grassmarket and we are so glad we did! The view from our room was fabulous and there were tons of restaurants right outside the door.

Of course the kids will probably only remember that the hotel had an indoor pool but they absolutely loved it and had a fabulous time splashing around.

The next day we hiked up the hill to Edinburgh Castle. The kids did their usual and we tried to catch bits of history as they pulled us through the castle.

After the castle, we let the kids run off some energy at the Prince’s Street Gardens.

This is when things took a bit of a strange turn.

The hotel didn’t have availability for two nights in a row (I tried to book the second night later). So I booked us what I thought was an Airbnb situation in Leith – the coastal area of Edinburgh. The place looked clean, there was a hot tub, and we’d get to see another part of the city. Fab, right?

Well turns out the place was like 30 minutes from city centre in the opposite direction from where I thought it was. We pulled up to the house and it seems like there are people inside. I knocked on the door and it turns out that it was not an Air BNB situation but a B&B. Bed and breakfast. I’d booked us a room inside a bed and breakfast. Not exactly what we were hoping for. Our dreams of sipping the Bailey’s like whisky from Edinburgh Castle in the hot tub evaporated quickly.

Night #2 all in the same room was just a fabulous as you’d might think. Mia and Brooks were on a pull out mattress that Mia peed on before it was converted into a bed. The owners had dogs which I’m pretty sure contributed to Brooks’ all night coughing and Brett and I were forced to shut everything down at the brink of 8:30 so that the kids would fall asleep. In addition, the pubs in the area weren’t open on Mondays and we had to get dinner from the Coop with only things that could be cooked in a small microwave.

After a strange and hasty breakfast where Brooks, naturally, refused to eat anything, we dragged ourselves out the door and raced across Edinburgh in morning traffic so that Brett could make his appointment at the US Embassy (new passport) before heading home.

The Monday that the kids went back to school there was a collective sigh of relief from all of Aberdeenshire.

Next school holidays are winter break when my mom and Ed will be in town!!!