Beginning of the End

This week (since this was really written in August, this week isn’t really THIS week) marked the beginning of the end.

While anything can happen when you’re an expat, this will most likely be our last year in Aberdeen. That puts a strange pressure on me to see and do everything I can while we’re here – a pressure that Brett keeps reminding me is not in line with the realities of our budget. It is also a self imposed pressure as Brett would be just fine venturing out within driving distance of our house and being back in time to sleep in our own beds.

Our own beds which have now moved, by the way. We traded in our tiny terraced home in a wonderful, very American style neighborhood, for a larger granite home on a busier street – more in line with typical Aberdonian city living. On moving day I saw some of our furniture that I haven’t seen in a year because it has been wrapped up and sitting in our garage – unable to fit through our tight stairwells. Mia got upgraded to a big girl bed and is out of her closet-sized room. She might have the best room in the whole house! Brett and I are finally able to use our massive American king-sized bed again – to which the movers were in SHOCK over. They said they’d never seen anything so big. Brooks is the only one who lost out on the deal. His room got a bit smaller – although still plenty big enough for him.

The house isn’t perfect by any means. No house will be of course. This one is old-old and possibly built before there was awareness of right angles. You can’t hear a sound though! Unlike the other house where you could hear a pin drop from two floors away. Sometimes I don’t even know that Brett is on the same floor as me or that Brooks has woken up! Bless those lovely granite stones! Although they often scare the crap out of me since I can’t hear them approach. You can hear Mia from anywhere though. That girl sounds like a freight train wherever she goes.

The only huge hitch in our moving giddy up was that I tripped over my own two feet and down the stairs on the first day of the move, badly twisting my ankle and rendering me close to useless for the remainder of the move/clean out.

While I was basically incapacitated, Mia and Brooks had a little fun upstairs with some markers they found and Mia came down roaring like a tiger.

I swear, sometimes living here I can’t believe what I’m seeing/doing/experiencing. There’s an apple tree in our back garden. With apples on it. That the kids go outside and eat. AND they prefer those apples to store bought ones. In fact, Brooks won’t even eat store bought ones. He only likes the ones from our garden. I’m living in the 3rd largest city in Scotland and my kids are eating from an apple tree in our back yard. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself.

Brooks started Lower 3 (kind of like 2nd grade) this year and loves being in the same group of kiddos again and loves his new teacher. He had a Clan token system last year in Lower 2. On his first day of school he told me that there was no clan tokens in Lower 3 but “that doing the right thing anyway just feels good.” HA! And yes, he and Sadie are in the same class again. 🙂

Mia also started ante pre-school this week and is LOVING it! I’ve very sure that she was quite tired of being at home with me and growing bored. No one can say that girl doesn’t have personality! It was a balmy 75F degrees and humid on her first day but she INSISTED on wearing the unicorn dress.

(I REALLY want to post about our trip to Skye so I did even less revising/editing than usual which to begin with is extremely little so I apologize for incomplete thoughts and sentences!)

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  1. Sharon Stewart says:

    Hey there!! Sad to hear it’s your last year…we either need y’all to come to Germany or we need to make it to Scotland before you go. We are here another two, more if we can make it happen. LOVE, love, love Germany. Love all your stories! The kids look like they have adjusted just fine. And I too would only eat apples from a tree in my backyard…if I had an apple tree…or a backyard for that matter. 🙂 your twisted ankle was God’s way of saying “rest girl, they got this…” Take care!

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