Short and sweet… but with sea bears

My cousin Liz and her new husband Eric came to visit us at the end of their two-week long honeymoon tour of Scotland. We were so happy to have them and show them around our favorite places for the brief amount of time they were here.

As all trips to Aberdeenshire should, we started with Dunnottar Castle. We never actually made it to the castle but enjoyed the views and the beach.

My darling and oh-so-careful son, who thinks he’s the expert on all things ‘beach’ decided to skip amongst the rocks when the tide was in.

This next shot was taken just before he fell into the freezing North Sea about waist deep.

You can see how wet his pants are…

He was completely undeterred though and followed Liz and Eric into the cave at the far end of the beach.

Once inside, there was a lively discussion about the existence of sea bears and whether or not it was the right time for them to be hibernating. Brooks was on camp Sea Bears Don’t Exist and Eric was confident that they did. This conversation continued well after the exit from the cave.

We tried to stop at The Bay for fish and chips but found out that it was national fish and chips day and the line for food was EXTRA crazy. So we had to settle for our local chippy which wasn’t half bad! We followed it up by me kicking everyone ass in Monopoly. Liz and Eric even tried to combine their fortunes but were no match for me. Danielle – you would have been so proud!

The next morning after Liz allowed herself to be examined by Dr. Mia and attendee Brooks, we were off to the shops!

Liz receiving medicine… or sun cream. Mia switches back and forth between the two. This is the cure for all things apparently.

After lunch we headed to Muir of Dinnet and to the fairy glen at Burn o Vat. A very cranky Mia fell asleep on the way there so I stayed in the car with her to allow her to get some much needed sleep. Brett, Brooks, Eric and Liz went to the fairy glen and Brett reported back that it was the highest he’d ever seen the burn. Multiple people turned around due to the high water but not my kid. My kid says, “Follow me!” and takes off through the rushing water. Naturally he came back soaking wet. At least I brought extra clothes with us this time!

We were sad that we only got Liz and Eric for one night but so happy to be included on their honeymoon tour of Scotland! They’re ready to move here and we don’t blame them!