Belated Easter Post

I know. I haven’t been consistent in posting lately. I think because life hasn’t been consistent lately. The spring brought visitors and nicer weather so there’s been more to do. I need to do a quick post on our first Easter in Scotland though so that memories of it don’t fade – as they’ve already started to.

First of all, no plastic eggs or egg dye at every shop as in the states. I had to order from a VERY limited number on vendors on Amazon. I would have had access to more vendors if I’d planned in advance, of course. Who has time for that when you’ve been frolicking around Italy though? They were also pretty darn pricey! Later I found out that I could have gotten them from the local craft shop but just very different than being bombarded with them in the states.

Later I asked a local about this and she said that when she was young the personal egg hunts were more common but as time went on, all of the area castles started hosting egg hunt events and thus the private ones petered out. Or, perhaps too many children were asking why a rabbit would be leaving eggs?

We decided on the egg scavenger hunt at Crathes Castle. The kids were pumped! They started the scavenger hunt by getting bunny whiskers painted on their faces.

We proceeded through the first couple clues – which were all facts about the castle – before we decided that we really didn’t know much about the castle at all. So we skipped all those and went to the bouncy houses instead. (At the end of the scavenger hunt you just got a Cadbury Egg – which Brooks can’t have anyway so it’s not like they were really missing out on anything.)

In Scotland I find myself in situations that necessitate taking off my shoes a million times more than I did in the states. Normally this isn’t an issue, however, today my socks didn’t match. Finding really good no-show socks is hard! I have two pairs from Banana Republic that I LOVE and have lost one nude and one black one but continue to wear the two that remain in a mismatched pair. I try to tell myself what I heard my sister-in-law say once when called out in a similar situation, “I did it on purpose. It’s boring to match.” I just can’t get over feeling like an inadequate adult who can’t do the bare minimum – keep matching socks together!

All of this to say that I had an audience of people watch me take off my shoes with my mismatched socks on display when following Mia into one of the bouncy-house mazes. So, if there starts to be some stereotype going around about Americans being unable to get their socks to match, it was me. I started it.


No one said anything, of course. Scots are too polite for that! I just still feel shame about it and am treating this blog like my own little confessional. Forgive me readers, for I have sinned…

The next day the Easter Bunny came! The kids were ecstatic, of course, as they tore into their Easter baskets and then filled them back up with colored eggs.

And in her infinite wisdom, the Easter Bunny brought Mia a Winnie-the-Pooh costume that has been a huge hit! It’s currently out of sight and out of mind but for a while there it was part of her daily attire.

And this pic is from right before we left for the scavenger hunt at Crathes. They’d both gotten in trouble for something – I don’t remember what now – and this was their show of solidarity against us.

I hope that they’ll always be a close team. ❤

Overall, it was fine. Fine. It was weird not having anywhere to race to, or any family to have at our home. It was nice and relaxing but didn’t feel like that much of a holiday since family wasn’t around to share it with. I certainly knew it was a holiday the next day though when for the first time in over 10 years the day after Easter was a holiday! So I got to hang out with our sugar-filled children all day while Brett escaped to work. I don’t even remember what we did now. Perhaps I was in a sugar-filled haze myself!

So, who is going to come for Easter next year? It falls during the two week spring holiday so you’ll get PLENTY of time with my blessed little cherubs!